Privacy Policy

Information Collection Practices

When you enter personal information on our website it will be stored on our data servers. For example, when you sign-up for our newsletters or when you complete a contact form on our website, the information that you enter will be electronically stored for future use by our company. Some of the types of information that we collect from site users include: email addresses, property addresses, phone numbers and customer names.

We may also collect information which is not directly provided by users of our website for analytics purposes. This includes data such as browser types, operating systems and IP addresses, which we may track in order to improve site usability. None of this information can be used to individually identify any user of our website and individuals can access our company website on a completely anonymous basis.

How We Use Your information

Information that we collect from users of our company website may be used for service delivery, transaction processing or to send communications to individuals who have opted-in to our newsletters. Subscribers may always opt-out of receiving email communications from our company at any time, using the unsubscribe link provided in the emails that we send.

Our company may also use any email address that you provide to respond to any electronic correspondence that we receive from you, such as feedback, questions or other electronic messages that you send to us.

Regardless of the types of information we collect for individual users of our website, our company will never sell or transfer any user’s collected data to any other company during the normal course of running our business, without the written consent of the user.

In the event that [Company Name] is acquired or sold to another company, we will provide notice to users of this website, prior to transferring any of their personal information to the succeeding company. Any information transferred to our successors will be subject to the Privacy Policy of that company.

Information Security Practices

Our company has taken a number of industry standard security measures to ensure the safety of any personal information that you access, enter or transmit to our company, when using our company website.

Information Disclosure Practices

     1.Individually Identifiable Information

Our company never exchanges, sells or transfers any individually identifiable information collected on our website, to any party outside of our company, with the following exceptions:

  • We may share individually identifiable information with third parties who we partner with to deliver our services or run our website. The third parties that we do business with are subject to an agreement to protect the confidentiality of our customers’ individually identifiable information.
  • Under certain circumstances, such as the receipt of a legal summons to release information we have collected, our company will provide your individually identifiable information to parties outside of our company as appropriate, in order to comply with the law.
  • Other times that we may share your individually identifiable information is when we believe that the property, legal rights or safety of our staff or a member of the general public may be at risk.

     2. Non- Individually Identifiable Information

  •  Our company treats non- individually identifiable information differently than individually identifiable information. In this regard, we reserve the right to provide non-individually identifiable visitor information to other parties for advertising, marketing or other purposes.

Third Party Provider Privacy Policies

We may share personal information that we collect from our users with third parties as necessary, so those entities can deliver certain services to our customers or to our company.

Examples of third parties that we may share information with include: payment transaction processors and payment gateway providers, who respectively maintain their own privacy policies.

When you leave our website and are redirected to a  third-party website for one of our business partners, the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service provided on this website no longer apply.

The privacy policies of the third-party organizations we have partnered with will subsequently be applicable for all transmitted personal information used for transaction processing on those providers’ data platforms or communication networks.

You may see on-screen prompts or notices disclosing the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for any third-party that we do business with, which you must accept or decline, in order to complete a transaction with our company. When you accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service disclosed by any third-party we have partnered with, your personal information will be handled according to those agreements.

You may also receive emails or other electronic communications from our company indicating a requirement for third-party to access to your personal information. In such cases, you are solely responsible for accessing the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for those organizations on their respective company websites.

With the above, users of our company website and our company’s services should be aware that certain providers that we conduct business with may have data servers, personnel or operations outside of the U.S. where our company is located.

When you agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of any third-party company that we use to provide services, who principally operates outside of the U.S., you are bound by the laws of the jurisdiction (i.e. country) where that business is located, which may be the same location where your personal information is being transmitted, stored or processed.

For example, if you live in the United Kingdom and your transaction is handled by a payment processor located in the United States, the personal information you provide in the process of completing that transaction may be subject to domestic laws of that territory or jurisdiction, such as the U.S. Patriot Act.

External Links To Third-Party Websites

On occasion, [Company Name] may offer products or services from third-party providers directly on our company website, at our discretion. As provided in prior sections of this Privacy Policy, each third-party provider that we do business will have its own unique Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which applies to any information that may be transferred to their data servers, when you access their website by clicking on an external link that we provide on our company website.

Our company assumes no responsibility for the content, products and services presented on any third-party website our company website links to. Consequently, when a user of our company website clicks on any external link we have provided, they do so at their own risk. Moreover, in the event that any user of our website experiences problems with any link that we have provided (e.g. broken link) or believes that an external link on our website posses a security risk, we request that they promptly notify us about the issue using the form on our Contact page.

Use of Cookies for Remarketing

The use of cookies allows us to provide special offers and promotions to previous visitors of our company website. In this regard, our company uses tracking cookies provided by third-party vendors for remarketing purposes. Remarketing means that our company uses information about your previous visits to our website, such as uncompleted purchases, product pages viewed or inquiries made, to deliver targeted advertising in the search results on sites like Google ( or in onsite advertising frames for websites belonging to the Google Display Network. In addition to Google, our company may also allow web browser cookies from other third-party vendors like Facebook.

The use of cookies by our company never involves the collection, storage or sharing of any individually identifiable information for users of our website. Any non-individually identifiable information used by our company for remarketing purposes is subject to this Privacy Policy and the Privacy Policy of Google or any other third-party advertising vendor our company may use.

When cookies are enabled in your web browser you may be shown ads for our services as you continue to browse the Internet and visit other websites. Regardless of the third-party vendors we use, enabling cookies in your web browser may result in the presentation of advertising for our products and services based on your prior activity on our company website.

In addition to our company’s use of cookies, on occasion we may also partner with specific third-party providers, for the purpose of providing customized advertising. This allows us to present offers and promotions that are custom-tailored to our site users’ interests and preferences, based on information we’ve previously gathered through data analytics for our company website. The companies providing customized advertising on our behalf may also track user behavior on our website through the use of cookies.

Online Privacy Protection Legal Compliance

We care about the privacy of those who visit and use our company website. As a result, our company has taken the required measures to ensure full compliance with the California Online Privacy Protection Act. In accordance with this legislation, our company will never distribute your personal information without your consent.

In addition, our company also respects the privacy of minors who use the Internet. Consequently, we have taken the required measures to ensure full compliance with the Childrens’ Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). In accordance with this legislation, our company does not collect information from any person under 13 years old. Moreover, as professional buyers of real estate we cannot legally conduct business with persons under 13 years old. Because of the type of business we engage in, our company may only complete transactions with individuals of the minimum age required to enter into legally binding contracts, based on their jurisdiction.

Use of Property Seller Information

As a professional home buying service, our company may request personal information from you, in the process of evaluating your property for purchase. Information that we request from you will typically include the following: your property address, your contact information, your name and certain types of financial information.

Any information that you provide will be solely used to calculate a fair offer on any property that you have contacted us about. The only exception to this rule, is that in some cases, we may be required to share your information with a third-party in order to prepare our offer or complete the home buying process.

Online Privacy Policy Exclusions

This online Privacy Policy is only applicable for information captured via our company website and makes no reference to our privacy practices for information collected offline.

When Our Privacy Policy Changes

This Privacy Policy may be updated by our company at anytime in the future. Any change in our Privacy Policy will be reflected on this website at least 30 days prior to the effective date. By using our website you bear the sole responsibility of periodically reviewing this page in its entirety so that you are familiar with our most current privacy practices and information sharing policies.

Contact Information

Questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy may be directed to our company using the Contact page on this website or by calling 314-293-4466.